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The Urge to Write

Lately, I've been wanting to write more. I don't like journaling, I could never keep one up. However, I like writing down my thoughts if the purpose is performative. I love turning my triumphs, failures, and everything in between into something people can laugh at...or perhaps, with.

I have a lot of ideas. And a lot of half-fleshed out stories that have yet to realize themselves into a medium. Is it theatrical? Would it be better on film? Maybe stand-up?

Sometimes, by the time I sit down to write out my idea, I've already written it and re-written it in my head during my alone time and have forgotten the gist or the good parts. So I write a few sentences and leave it there on my Google Docs to sit forever.

I have the urge to write. But I lack the action to do it.

Maybe that's why this blog post is so short.

Have you experienced similar issues? Either with writing or another artistic medium? Is this an alternate form of writers block? Or my laziness showing through?