• Hey there! Welcome to my website.

    I am a New York-based storyteller and sassypants.

    I make characters bigger and bolder.

    I am natively fluent in Russian.

    I thrive in ensemble-based environments and projects with a social message.


    Caution: dry sense of humor (hey, I'm from Brooklyn!).

    Connect with me at monicafurman10@gmail.com.

  • Reel

    Check out some of my on-screen performances!

    2017 Reel

  • Upcoming and Recent News

    Currently taking classes at:

     Mark Morris Dance Group

    The Actor's Green Room


    November 13-December 15: Producing and acting in The Actor's Green Room's Monthly Short Film Challenge!

  • Resume

    Take a peek at what I've done and where I've trained!

    Latest Resume

  • Film

    Take a look at more on-screen footage!

    Comedy: Sassy Know-It All

    Footnote, directed by Kunlin Wang

    Comedy: Sarcastic, Trendy Millennial Girl

    Girlboss, from Canedy Knowles's

    Film/TV Class

    Drama: Intimidating, Patronizing Girlfriend

    Blue Valentine scene, directed by

    Chandler Freelander

    Theatre Monologues

    Pistol, Henry IV

    Mary, Late: A Cowboy Song, by Sarah Ruhl

  • Voiceover Demo

    Click below to hear me in action!

  • Devised Theatre Work

    I love ensemble work, particularly devised theatre for social change. Take a look at a few projects I had the privilege to direct.

    Devised Theatre Directing Portfolio

    Cross the Line

    Two excerpts from two separate projects I directed. The first, And Again, is about the double meaning of 'revolution.' The second, The Drought Project, is about our personal relationships to water, or lack thereof. 


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    Special skills include replying to emails at lighting speed.

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