• Did someone order spunk

    with a sensitive side?

    Monica Furman was raised in Brooklyn by her Jew-ish

    Russian-speaking family from Ukraine, so she's working out

    her dual-identity crisis by being an artist instead of a doctor

    like her babushka wanted.


    **Monica has immediate housing in both Chicago and LA!**

    Connect with me at monicafurman10@gmail.com

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    2018 Reel

  • Upcoming and Recent News

    Currently taking classes with:

    Anthony Abeson for Acting Technique

    Erin Roth for Shakespeare and Voice (Rodenburg Certified)

    Alexa Green for Singing (mezzo-belt)


    Ongoing: Cupid's Comeback is in post-production and we're getting it ready to submit to festivals!


    Recent accolades for FIRST JEN, the bilingual tv sitcom I'm writing:

    • Finalist and Scholarship Recipient for the Reproductions Summer Screenplay Contest (see here for more!)
    • Finalist for the Orchard Project's inaugural Episodic TV Lab

    I'm the newest BrickaBrack Baby! Stay tuned for more info!


    November 26th: Executive producing and starring in "The Drop Off," a short satire about the perils of auditioning.


    December 14th: Hosting a reading of my bilingual comedic pilot, FIRST JEN!

  • Media

    Take a look at more on-screen footage!

    Comedy: Sassy Know-It All

    Footnote, directed by Kunlin Wang

    Dramatic Clips

    Lisa from Kept, directed by Chris Vernale

    Dean from Blue Valentine, directed by Chandler Freelander

    RomCom: Angsty Teen Cupid

    Cupid's Comeback, directed by David B. Jacobs

  • Devising (v.)

    a method of theatre-making that originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by a performing ensemble

    TBD: The Live Devising Project

    By the Cucumber Dogs, in association with Sitting Shotgun

    "It is inspiring to see the international ensemble of Cucumber Dogs collaborating seamlessly. There is much to learn from them about efficient communication, respect, and putting the mutual goal above individual ambitions. For that alone, TBD: The Live Devising Project is worth attending for anybody who interacts with other people (which means everybody)."

    -Asya Gorovits, Theatre Is Easy


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