• Did someone order spunky with a sensitive side?

    Monica Furman was raised in Brooklyn by her Jew-ish Russian-speaking family from Ukraine, so she's working out her dual-identity crisis by being an artist instead of a doctor like her babushka wanted.

    Based in NYC.

    Local Hire, Chicago and LA.

    Connect with me at monicafurman10@gmail.com
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    Bilingual Teen Suspect

    Party Girl with Attitude

    Supportive Best Friend


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    August 2022: I have completed UCLA's Post-Graduate Certificate in TV Writing with a half-hour comedy emphasis.


    July 31, 2022: My original half-hour workplace comedy, Please Hold, was named an Honorable Mention by Barnstorm Media's Bolt screenwriting competition.


    July 20, 2022: Delivery Failed won "Best Covid-19 Short" at the Niagara International Shorts Festival.


    May 28, 2022: Worldwide premiere of Delivery Failed at the Oregon Short Film Festival, where it's nominated for Best Drama.

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    Monica is an award-winning writer/producer whose short films have been in festivals across the country and around the world. She holds a Post-Graduate Certificate Program for TV Writing from UCLA.

  • Devising (v.)

    a method of theatre-making that originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by a performing ensemble

    TBD: The Live Devising Project

    By the Cucumber Dogs, in association with Sitting Shotgun

    "It is inspiring to see the international ensemble of Cucumber Dogs collaborating seamlessly. There is much to learn from them about efficient communication, respect, and putting the mutual goal above individual ambitions. For that alone, TBD: The Live Devising Project is worth attending for anybody who interacts with other people (which means everybody)."

    -Asya Gorovits, Theatre Is Easy


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