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New Year's Resolutions Vol II: Going Big

I'm writing this while listening to Shark Tank. I love the show because it's all about big ideas and taking risks. Wow, what a nice segway to stating how my 2020 New Year's Resolutions are all about just that: going big and seeing where that takes me.

I was surprised to find that I had completed all of the New Year's Resolutions I listed last year. I purposefully named it "Some New Year's Resolutions" so that I could remind myself that it was not an exhaustive list and I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing all of the items listed (even though I had forgotten most of what was on it).

So here they are, the list only I have been waiting for: my 2020 New Year's Resolutions:

Learn how to play the drums.

I guess I am starting a new trend of one new instrument per year. I learned the ukulele last year (as in I know enough chords to pass, I am no master), so it's only natural that drums are next (???). I tap and step dance, so maybe I will have a slight advantage since I can carry a beat? Here's hoping. Also, think of how cool my hair would look while playing Seven Nation Army.

Get my first network television job.

AHHHH!! This one is so scary for me to write down for all two of my readers to see. Mostly because I've been chanting this goal since I've graduated college and have been frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. But I am determined. I have new headshots. I have new rep. I got this. (We all need a self-pep talk every now and again).

Take more vacations.

YUP. Ya'll I took a big leap this month (Dec 2019) and quit one of my (many many) day jobs in favor of the ability to really give my 100% to everything else going on. And that includes taking vacations. I've noticed that when I get overwhelmed, I take joy in researching and (fake) planning potential vacations that I never actually go on. That's changing in 2020.

Fund, produce, and star in my bilingual pilot.

CUE MORE SCREAMING. I have been working on the concept/pilot for First Jen for over two years. Why? FEAR. Well, it's time to get over it. Look out for my Seed&Spark campaign coming soon (yes, I have also been saying that for a while) and follow the journey on Instagram @firstjentv.

More singing-based auditions.

Again, facing more fears. It has taken such a long time (and so many lessons) for me to be comfortable singing, for me to like my voice, and for me to build a vocal repertoire. It's time to get uncomfortable.

What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions? Let me know!