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Some New Year's Resolutions

Yes, it is only December 6th and I am already planning my resolutions. That's Type A for ya. I feel that I have to write them down now, or else I will forget in the midst of all the holiday bustle.

I have only written out my resolutions once before, when I was a guest blogger on BroadwayWorld back in 2016. Check it out here if you are interested. Reading it back, I'm proud to say I accomplished most, if not all, of those resolutions.

Here are some that are floating around in my mind right now:

1. Learn the ukulele.

There have been so many casting calls lately (for both musical theatre and straight plays) asking for people who play a portable instrument or for young girls who play the ukulele (I kid you not, it's been super common). So, here I am, with 10 years of piano under my belt (9 of which I can barely remember), searching through Guitar Center's website for a uke that won't break the bank.

2. Learn how to do an Irish accent.

Again, soooooo many roles in my age range that want me to be Irish. Dammit, if Irish is what they want, Irish is what they'll get. Just call me Jewish Saoirse Ronan. Also if Irish proves to be difficult, I'll settle for learning a Cork dialect, as one of my dream roles requires one.

3. Have a book and know my book.

My songbook, that is. Currently, I have 5 songs that kind of sound the same (thanks to the surge of pop-rock angsty musicals) and 7 other songs that I haven't touched in years. I want to be confident that I have a range of songs that fit my type, that I can sing well, and that I can act while singing them well.

4. Create, create, create!

This is one of my resolutions every year and I have a couple of projects I am super excited for in the new year!

5. Plan days off.

Ithink I just heard all of my friends and family gasp. I really don't like taking days off, they make me feel unproductive and lazy (thanks capitalism). However, working almost every day of the holiday season has made me appreciate the concept. I want to be able to recharge every once in a while in the new year.

Those are my resolutions so far, I will probably mentally or digitally add some more later. Do you have any yet? Or do you focus on the present, unlike me (hmm, maybe another resolution right there?)?